496 E 1750 N, Suite C
Vineyard, UT 84058

Off the 1600 N Orem Exit

(801) 704-5567

Orem Vineyard


Mon-Sat: 10am - 8pm
Sun: Closed

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Due to COVID-19, we are limiting the number of kids that can be in Coconut Cove to an average of approximately 30 kids. Employees clean and disinfect the playground throughout the day. You can schedule a time to come in on this page. We can still allow walk-ins, but we are limiting the number of people that come in. Thank you!

To Date, as of December 29, Coconut Cove has never had an employee test positive for COVID-19, despite having employees in the facility 10 hours per day, 6 days per week. Many of them have received tests because they are high school or college students and were tested when exposed at school. They have all, always, come back negative, which also shows that for the past 9 months, no employee has picked up COVID-19 working at Coconut Cove and none have come to work with COVID-19.

Did you know, indoor playgrounds have 60,000, that’s right sixty-thousand, times less bacteria than outdoor playgrounds? The difference is indoor playgrounds are regularly disinfected. Read more

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