Due to COVID-19, we are limiting admissions please book in advance online if possible

Call to Schedule Kids Birthday Party

496 E 1750 N, Suite C
Vineyard, UT 84058
(801) 704-5567
Mon-Sat: 10am - 8pm
Off the 1600 N Orem Exit

Book Your Admissions!

Due to COVID-19, we are limiting the number of kids that can be in Coconut Cove to 20 for 1.5 hours, with half-an-hour cleaning between times. You can schedule a time to come in on this page. We can still allow walk-ins, but we are limiting the number of people that come in. Thank you!

Did you know, indoor playgrounds have 60,000, that’s right sixty-thousand, times less bacteria than outdoor playgrounds? The difference is indoor playgrounds are regularly disinfected. Read more

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