Utah Elementary School Events and Activities

Coconut Cove has a lot of large Lego blocks, about one-foot long and six-inches high each that kids love to build with. Coconut Cove can bring a booth and Lego blocks to your elementary school event or other children’s event. Let us know if you are interested in Coconut Cove attending your next school event with some of its large Lego Blocks.

If you are interested in having a Coconut Cove booth with large Lego blocks at your school event, please fill out the form below or email [email protected].

Coconut Cove also helps elementary schools with fundraising by doing School Spirit Nights where a percentage of the revenues made during the event go back to the School or School PTA. Coconut Cove often donates free passes to school auctions, events, and other fundraisers, or just to give out to kids as rewards for good academic performance, good behavior or other reasons.

Please fill out this form to set up an Elementary School Spirit Night at Coconut Cove

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