Fundraise at Coconut Cove – School Spirit Nights

Below are open dates and times to host a fundraiser at Coconut Cove!

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  • Select a Date
  • Click 10am to 8pm
  • Fill In Your Information
  • Invite your Elementary School students, parents, staff and supporters to come to Coconut Cove on the day of the event.


Coconut Cove will donate 20% of any revenues made from Friends and Visitors from your School on the day of your School Spirit Night to your Elementary School.

Spirit Nights are a great way to celebrate your Elementary School and have fun at Coconut Cove! They are typically held on weekdays from 10am to 8pm.

If you’ve never been to Coconut Cove, you can fill out a waiver here for faster admission.

Tips for Success

  • Provide details about your Coconut Cove Spirit Night in any e-newsletter you send to supporters, and include details about your fundraising goal. Sharing a specific goal will help motivate your supporters to attend.
  • Promote your Coconut Cove Spirit Night to supporters using social media. Encourage your supporters to bring family and friends to the event since your donation from Coconut Cove Spirit Night will increase when more guests attend the Coconut Cove Spirit Night.
  • Consider inviting a special guest, local celebrity or entertainer to be part of your Coconut Cove Spirit Night to help drive attendance.
  • Send your local newspaper the details about your Coconut Cove Spirit Night fundraiser, and ask them to feature the fundraiser in their events section.
  • Compete for a class party. Talk to us about getting a free class party at Coconut Cove for whichever class raises the most funds by getting the most people to come in.

Coconut Cove makes it easy by providing promotional materials (at your request) to help you publicize the event to your supporters.