Coconut Cove has established these rules to create an environment that is fun and safe for all children and their parents:

Coconut Cove Indoor Playground Rules

  • No Outside Food or Drink
  • Adult Supervision Required At All Times
  • Please Remove Shoes, Loose Clothing, and Jewelry
  • Socks Must Be Worn at All Times (all shoes, including adults’ shoes must be left at the front door)
  • No Food, Gum, or Drink on or Near Play Area
  • No Climbing Up Slides, Netting or Poles
  • No Toys, Sharp Objects or Other Items From Home on the Playground
  • No Rough Play
  • Please Keep Ball in the Ball Area
  • Please Wash Hands Before Entering Playground, Especially After Eating
  • Please Change Diapers Frequently and Give Frequent Potty Breaks to Avoid Accidents
  • Please No Sick Children

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