496 E 1750 N, Suite C
Vineyard, UT 84058

Off the 1600 N Orem Exit

(801) 704-5567

Orem Vineyard


Mon-Sat: 10am - 8pm
Sun: Closed

Book Your Kids Birthday Party!

Click the button below and follow the instructions to book your party. Be sure to select the right location when booking your party.

Coconut Cove is the best place for Kids Birthday Parties! We make kids parties easy! Read more about the Birthday Party Details.

*Pizza’s are not available until 11:30am for Vineyard parties. Thank you!

* Socks are required to play on the playground, and can be purchased at Coconut Cove, if you forget 🙂 

Kids Birthday Party Reviews

“Oh my heck, thank YOU! The kids can’t stop talking about it. You guys did such a good job. We were all super impressed… I can’t think of anything that I didn’t like! … I loved all the variety of things in the playground. Like, holy cow, the trampolines, the different slides, THE CANNONS!!! I think the little toddler area was great too. It really caters to a lot of age groups. I also loved that as parent, you could walk either on the side or middle and be able to see every part of the playground to check on your kids. I HATE when you have to send your kids in and hope for the best because you can’t see the whole thing. I could see and yell at my kids just great from the bottom… it’s so fun and unique!”


Party Guest Mom