* No Outside Food or Drink
*Socks are Required

496 E 1750 N, Suite C
Vineyard, UT 84058
(801) 704-5567
Mon-Sat: 10am - 8pm
Off the 1600 N Orem Exit

COVID-19 Corona Virus Response

Coconut Cove is only open for PRIVATE PLAY events with a limited number of people per event. Please call or book online in advance for Private Play.

If any Play Events are booked and we are required to or need to close completely, we will automatically provide full refunds. STAY SAFE!

Outdoor Playgrounds have 60,000 Times More Bacteria Than Indoor Playgrounds

“Kids racing down the slide at an outdoor playground may actually encounter around 60,000 times more bacteria than they would at the top of the slide at the local fast food joint or other indoor play area. In the tunnels where kids love to crawl, the difference was dramatic as well. The outdoor playground tunnels averaged 1,500 times more bacteria than the indoor playground tunnels.”

“Why the added yuck factor at the park’s play equipment? Probably because unlike most outdoor playgrounds, many indoor playgrounds (such as those in fast food restaurants) undergo regular cleaning and disinfecting.” Read more at Playground Germs: How Dirty Are They? by Home Advisor.

Coconut Cove has always maintained a clean environment, disinfecting each day, and throughout the day with disinfectants that are effective against SARS-CoV-2.

Airborne spread has not been reported for COVID-19 and it is not believed to be a major driver of transmission based on available evidence See Report of the WHO-China Joint Missionon Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). Airborne Corona droplets only remain in the air for a few seconds before they fall to the surface. 

One of our main objectives at Coconut Cove is to provide a clean facility for our guests to play in and enjoy. With the recent concerns of COVID-19 we continue to keep this as one of our main priorities as well as the health and safety of our employees and guests. We ask that anyone with any cold or flu like symptoms not come to our facility and our employees to do the same. 

Anyone exhibiting cold or flu like symptoms will not be admitted to the facility and will be asked to leave.

We will continue to thoroughly disinfect our play area and other areas of our facility daily as we have done every day since opening. We will also consistently disinfect throughout the day. We ask that all patrons wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before entering the play area and do so throughout their stay and upon exiting. 

We will continue to monitor the situation and make adjustments as necessary and as we receive updates from the CDC and local government. 

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