Maybe laughter actually is the best medicine—or at least a pretty good one. In fact, in one study, researchers found that while kids laughed at humorous videos, they tolerated pain better. And other research has found that children who like to laugh are more confident, creative, and leadership-oriented.

Most emotionally healthy kids laugh around 400 times a day. That averages out, impressively, to a laugh about every two minutes. However, by the time we reach adulthood, we’re down to laughing only about once an hour. 

Maybe we’re just not as easily impressed as adults. Or maybe sobering up is just a part of growing up. Nevertheless, laughter still has impressive health benefits for adults. So, whether you want to laugh more or you want to keep your kids laughing, here are three tips to bring a little more laughter into your lives:

1. Play with your kids more and laugh with them.

We bet our red and yellow racing slides will make you laugh as much as your kids.
We bet our racing slides will make you laugh as much as your kids.

Most experts think humor is something we learn, not something we’re born with. Who better to teach them what’s funny than you? And since kids are full of surprising ideas, they’ll probably leave you laughing as well. At Coconut Cove, there are few things we love more than seeing parents play with their kids. That’s why we let parents accompany their children on the playground for free.

2. Humor their sense of humor.

Kids laughing at their conversation with their mom.
One of the easiest ways to make kids laugh is just to listen to them.

Peekaboo might get a little old for you around the 800th time, and it’s true that four-year-old’s stories often lack things like a plot or a punchline. But your patience with their developing humor and storytelling gives them opportunities to laugh. Plus, they can improve their social skills. And that courtesy laugh doesn’t do you any harm, either. Forcing yourself to laugh can actually turn into real, health-benefiting laughter pretty easily.

3. Embrace the absurd things that make kids laugh.

A child gasps and laughs at our ball fountain.
Our ball fountain might be a source of surprise and laughter for your kids.

You or someone you love probably found something like paper tearing incredibly hilarious as a baby. Why? Simply because you’d never heard the sound before. From this, we know that often, laughter is a response to a new experience. So, if you’re looking for something to make you laugh, consider trying something new.

We hope these tips are helpful as you’re searching for more things to laugh at! If not—try to laugh it off?

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