“Play is so integral to childhood that a child who does not have the opportunities to play is cut off from a major portion of childhood.” -Mussel White

Think back to when you were a kid. Playgrounds were probably one of your favorite things in the whole world, and that’s exactly how your kids feel about them too! Playgrounds are more than just fun, they are a learning experience for children. 

Here are 5 key reasons why your children NEED playgrounds


Socialization means that children are able to interact with others. Most kids spend a large portion of their time at home with their parents, so interacting with children their own age helps enhance their language, coping and interpersonal skills. 

Modeling Behavior

Watching and learning is a big part of the play. A child sees someone else going down the big slide, and although they might have been scared to try it before, they too climb up and try going down the slide! Children copy what they see others do, and it pushes them to go out of their comfort zone to try new things. This also helps build self-confidence in children. 

Making Friends

Have you ever noticed how easy it is for kids to go into the playground and make a new friend? Learning to develop friendships as a child will be skills that they take into school, and later into adulthood to build all types of relationships. Children tend to gravitate towards others like them, so more outgoing children usually will play with each other, and likewise, quieter or shyer children will do the same. 

Conflict Resolution

It’s hard when you see your child get into an argument with another child at the playground, but as long as no one is getting physically hurt, it’s a really important part of their development and you should let them try and work it out on their own. Healthy conflict resolution is a skill that children will use their entire lives, and the playground is the perfect place to start (even if the dispute is over who will cross the monkey bars first). 


It’s no secret that a few hours of play means going home to a long nap or a good night’s rest! Children get their energy out by playing when they are able to do things like run, climb, jump and laugh. They are also using their whole body and thus developing their gross motor skills. 

It’s important that children have fun and be able to explore the world around them. Playgrounds provide a fun and safe environment for children to learn so much. As parents, older siblings, and caretakers we need to recognize the importance that a playground has in a child’s life. 

So schedule some time on your calendar to visit our indoor playground at Coconut Cove and let your little ones play!