Kids’ birthday parties have become a lot more elaborate than they used to be. From themed parties that transform your home into magical lands or outer space, to renting animals and bounce houses for outdoor parties. Kids just want to have fun, and you don’t need to spend a fortune to do that! 

Here are some ideas to throw the best kids’ birthday parties, and not break the bank.

Let Coconut Cove host your child’s birthday party!

With awesome party packages that work with your budget, Coconut Cove has you covered! All you need to bring is the cake (if you wanted to). The kids will have an amazing time playing at the best indoor playground in Utah and parents can hang out at the number of benches and tables all around the play place. 

Have a Dance Party! 

If you decide to throw a party at home, dance parties are always super fun! Kids will love getting all their wiggles out, and depending on the age groups, you can add things like glowsticks and balloons to play with! There are also great playlists you can find online or on any streaming service to use for free. 

Do a Scavenger Hunt!

 These can be done inside or outside. Have the children search to find specific hidden objects. You can have the objects hidden around an area and have each child find objects or play a bingo-style game where they can check off items they see. 


A quick Pinterest search will provide you with endless DIY and low-cost craft ideas. Pick something that you know your child would like and get the supplies needed. Many things can be found at the dollar store or you might even have them at home already. Find quick projects that can be done without much adult assistance to allow the kids to do it themselves. 

Having a fun and memorable birthday party for your child does not need to be stressful or expensive. We recommend setting a budget and finding one or two activities that would be fun for your child and the children attending the party. 

What are some things you have done for your kids’ birthday parties?