Utah Outdoor Playground Hot Slides KSL

Utah Outdoor Playground Slides Get Up To 150 to 200 Degrees!

According to this 2015 article and video at KSL, Utah outdoor playgrounds, can get up to 150 to 200 degrees. Slides this hot can cause severe burns on children. This is in just 90 degree to 100 degree weather, without shade. After some kids were burned and some parents complained, KSL corespondents tested the temperature of the Utah outdoor playground slides using an infrared temperature gun. Slides varied in temperatures, depending on the color of the slides. Many of the slides temperatures ranged from 150 degrees to 200 degrees fahrenheit! If you’re looking for things to do with kids in Utah, or for play date ideas, outdoor playgrounds are great when the weather is nice, or when it is shaded. When it is too cold outside or too hot, and there is no shade, it may be best to do something else.

As pointed out in the video, Utah cities are pursuing a number of options to deal with hot slides. Cities can add shade to the parks or they can build splash pads. There are also fun indoor activities that children can do when it’s too hot or too cold outside at places like Coconut Cove Indoor Playground or other family amusement centers, fun centers, or bounce houses in Utah.

Utah Indoor Playground

Coconut Cove is Utah county’s best indoor playground and family amusement center for children ages 0 to 12. It has dozens of “play events” in the playground, including ball cannons, a ball fountain, spiral slides, giant racing wavy slides, crawl tunnels, mirrors, bridges, stepping stones, a toddler area, and rooms made out of large lego-like blocks for birthday parties. Coconut Cove Indoor Playground is also safe, and clean and sanitary. It has plenty of seating for adults and fun entertainment for children. It is a great place for kids birthday parties or for families to just come and have fun!