Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the prices? 
    $8.50 per child ages 4 to 12 and $5.00 per child ages 0 to 3. We do not charge for adults or people who do not play on the playground. Read more about prices.
  • Why do we have to sign a waiver?
    It’s required by our insurance. 
  • Can we order pizza at Coconut Cove?
    Pizza is only provided for Birthday Parties. It is delivered. We do have other snacks you can buy at Coconut Cove.
  • Why don’t you allow outside food?
    Some food that people would try to bring in is messy and can get the playground dirty, and sticky, possibly causing damage to the playground.
  • Can we bring Cake and Ice Cream to the Parties?
    You can bring cake, but we don’t allow ice cream. Ice cream gets the playground dirty and sticky.