A great summer means melted popsicles, mosquito bites, and a lot of adventures. Some of those adventures mean letting kids do their own thing. And adventuring on their own is great for a kid’s confidence and social development—but there are still some precautions you can take to make sure summer fun is safe. Here are four tips to help kids have safe summer fun.

1. Review important names and numbers

For older kids, you can practice memorizing your phone number and street address. With younger kids, you can make sure they know their full name, your full name, and how to call 911. You can also consider giving them bracelets with your phone number on it.

2. Point out landmarks during your summer fun

Pointing out landmarks as you go about summer adventures will help your kids learn their own way around the neighborhood, which can be really helpful if they ever lose their way. Additionally, you can use landmarks to establish the boundaries for how far from home they can go.

3. Help kids recognize safe adults to ask for help

Teaching your kids not to talk to any strangers might put them in a situation where they don’t know who they can go to for help. Instead, consider teaching them how to recognize adults they can trust. These trusted adults might be other parents of young children, police officers, or event staff.

4. At summer events, make a plan for safe places to meet.

If you’re going into an event and are concerned you might end up separated from your kid, pick a landmark your kid can see from anywhere and plan with them to meet there if anything happens.

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