Photo by Juan Pablo Arenas from Pexels

These days, it’s hard to come up with indoor activities for kids that don’t include screen time. It’s even harder to come up with things to do on a rainy day, when going outside isn’t a very attractive option. Here’s a list of our favorite indoor activities for children:

  1. Come to Coconut Cove! With lots of room to run, jump, and climb, and a smaller play area for toddlers, Coconut cove is one of the best indoor places for kids
  2. Have a dance party. Inside activities for kids don’t have to be sedentary activities. With a Spotify playlist and a few glow sticks, you can turn your living room into a family-friendly dance club.
  3. Set up an in-house obstacle course. Rainy day activities for toddlers can be even harder to brainstorm than rainy day activities for older kids, since the normal board games and coloring pages hold their interest for about 30 seconds. You can use pillows, blankets, and couch cushions to make a toddler-friendly obstacle course, letting them practice their coordination and play at the same time.
  4. Have an indoor beach party. What you lack in white sand beaches you can make up for with bathtub bubbles and fancy homemade beach coolers. Make sure you make a barrier to protect the areas in your house you don’t want turned into a beach front!
  5. Cook something healthy together. Something about a rainy day screams “eat junk food,” but everyone’s going to be happier at bedtime if snacks and meals stay on the healthy side. Kids are more likely to eat something they helped make themselves, so why not turn dinner into an indoor family activity?


Don’t let the rain stop the fun! Rainy days don’t have to lazy days. Turn the screens off and make it a rainy day to remember!