Work and no play makes Jim a dull boy, they say, and that’s true for learning, too. Physically active, creative play helps kids learn faster and smarter, and here are five reasons why:

Kids integrate what they learn into how they play.

Kids often play by mimicking what they’ve seen in real life. That’s why games like “House” and “Imaginary” are staples for every generation. When kids have the opportunity to play creatively, they can find ways to implement things they’ve learned in school into their play. Had a history lesson? Why not pretend to be Joan of Arc? Just got out of math? How about a magic system based on multiplication? In this way, play gives kids—and you—the chance to transform boring, abstract concepts into fun, usable knowledge.

Play is a creative outlet for kids, and encourages more creativity.

Not only can play help kids implement new ideas, it can help them come up with creative ideas of their own. Whether kids need to write a short story or put together a diorama, play becomes more than a way to procrastinate. Instead, play can be the ultimate think tank for kids: it can help them generate story lines, see things from different perspectives, and recognize what things really matter to them.

Play stimulates memory.

Play can stimulate memory for kids in two ways. First, they can apply what they’re learning into their play. Second, getting cardio exercise increases blood flow to the brain, which improves memory. So, activities like Coconut Cove, which help kids creatively problem-solve and be active, hit two birds with one stone here.

Play helps kids focus.

Taking a break from your work at any age can help you be more motivated when you dive back in. This is especially true for kids and play. When kids take a short break to play, get the wiggles out, and think about other things, they become more motivated to learn when it’s time to get back to work.

Play improves mood.

The biggest obstacle between kids and quick learning is attitude. If kids don’t believe in themselves or think what they’re learning is boring, it can make learning a lot more difficult. Again, active, creative play can be a double-edged sword against these obstacles. Kids can use play to express frustration, practice difficult situations, and brainstorm solutions to problems. Meanwhile, endorphins from exercise boost your kid’s mood and confidence.

Those are just four ways play helps kids learn. Looking for a way to help your kids get active? Come to Coconut Cove! . Coconut Cove is Utah’s best indoor playground, family amusement center for families with children under age 12. The playground has dozens of “play events” for young children. These events include trampolines, ball cannons, a ball fountain, a variety of slides, crawl tunnels, bridges, stepping stones, and a toddler area. Because here at Coconut Cove, we believe in getting kids off of screens or arcades and participating in Active Play. In addition, Coconut Cove prides itself on being safe, clean, sanitary, and affordable! Also, it has plenty of seating for adults and fun entertainment for children. It is a great place for kids birthday parties, mommy play dates, or for families to just come and have fun! If you are looking for fun activities for kids in Utah, come to Coconut Cove!

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