Spring break was a blast, but now you and your kids are getting back to the daily grind, and suddenly they don’t want to study anymore.

Post-vacation blues are a real thing, and you don’t have to leave town to get them. Having time off helps us refocus on the things we value most, but it can be painful to come back and realize life isn’t just fun and games. Here are some tips to help your kids (and you) feel excited about coming back to work again.

Tips for Readjusting:

  1. Find something to look forward to. You spent all winter looking forward to the break, but now’s the time to find something else to focus on. Pick a project around the house your family can work on, get everyone ready for a 5k, or start saving for next summer’s vacation. It doesn’t have to be a big thing; just something that adds a little sparkle to your day.
  2. Realize that what you’re experiencing is normal. Sometimes just accepting that you’re going through a rough adjustment and giving yourself time makes it easier to wake up and push through another day.
  3. Listen to something that picks you up. No matter how much your kids hate school, listening to “Eye of a Tiger” will help.
  4. Ease back in slowly. We think after we’ve given ourselves a few days of rest and relaxation, we should be ready to spring back into action at full speed, like a freshly charged battery. The truth is, we’re not robots, and taking a week off doesn’t mean the family’s ready to put on starched uniforms and study in dark chambers for the rest of the semester. Make sure everyone in the family is still getting the playtime they need along with the schoolwork.

The week after Spring Break might be a little rough-going, but things will get back to normal soon! In the meantime, keep pushing and don’t give up hope.


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