Making new friends is a big part of life from the time you’re two to when you’re too old to be scared of it. The way you make friends changes over time—when you’re little, it’s just about who else is in the mood for tag, but as you get older, it’s more important to find friends who have things in common with you. Here are three tips for making new friends that are true no matter what age you are.

1. Don’t hide who you are from your new friends.

A lot of the time when we think of being ourselves, we think it means not hiding our Star Wars or dinosaur obsession, but it’s more than that. Don’t hide that you’re an introvert or that you have a twisted sense of humor. Being yourself is about recognizing and accepting all the things that make you unique, even if you don’t think other people will like those things, because your real friends will recognize those things make you special.

2. Stick with new friends who treat you like an investment.

You’ll know when you’ve found a good friend when they make you feel like you’re worth their time and money. People who care about you will find reasons to spend time with you and will like to treat you, and you’ll feel the same way about them. Find new friends who from the beginning make you feel like what you think and say is valuable and worth listening to.

3. Be the friend you’d like to have.

While still being yourself, recognize that you are capable of developing the traits you admire in others. Birds of a feather gather together, so if you’d like your new friends to be kind, service-oriented people, try to go out of your way to serve. If you want your friends to have a sense of humor, be more confident in the jokes you tell. If you want friends who give compliments to everyone, try giving compliments to everyone you meet.

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