During the summer with no P.E. to make them run laps, parents look for creative ways to help their kids exercise. Maybe that’s why there’s been a rising trend in some areas to open a kid’s gym.

A kid’s gym—what a fun idea. If by gym we’re meaning gymnastics, it’s an awesome way for your kid to get exercise and connect with others. But if we’re talking about a weight-lifting center for kids, then it’s probably not a great idea. Weightlifting at a young age can stunt growth and cause injuries. There are safer, better ways for kids to get exercise—and that’s why Coconut Cove is better than a kid’s gym.

Cardio is the most important type of exercise for kids, which gyms don’t prioritize.

Cardio exercises get the heart rate up over an extended period of time. And you can get great cardio from running, biking, swimming—basically all the triathlete stuff (https://kidshealth.org/en/parents/fitness-6-12.html). So you could take your kids to a gym and put them on a stationary bike or a treadmill—but even adults hate being on a treadmill for more than a few minutes. To simplify life, your kids can get great exercise and have more fun when they’re running around our indoor playground.

A kid’s gym doesn’t give the mental stimulus of a playground.

The awesome thing about an indoor playground is that it’s air conditioned like a gym, but has more going on than Oprah reruns on a tiny TV hung on the other side of the room. At Coconut Cove, kids can create their own world while they exercise. As they weave their way across rope bridges, through spinning logs, and down adrenaline-inducing slides, they’ll get more than cardio. They’ll also improve their coordination and balance, challenge their creativity, and make awesome memories.

Kid’s gyms don’t come with new friends.

One of the best things about Coconut Cove is that most of the time, your kids will make a new friend while they play. It’s hard to do that at a gym where everyone has headphones in. But at Coconut Cove, your kids can exercise their social skills while they exercise their bodies.

At Coconut Cove, we put safety first! If you can’t see your kid on the playground at any time, feel free to ask an employee to locate your child. Coconut Cove is Utah’s best indoor playground, family amusement center for families with children under age 12. The playground has dozens of “play events” for young children. These events include trampolines, ball cannons, a ball fountain, a variety of slides, crawl tunnels, bridges, stepping stones, and a toddler area. Because here at Coconut Cove, we believe in getting kids off of screens or arcades and participating in Active Play. In addition, Coconut Cove prides itself on being safe, clean, sanitary, and affordable! Also, it has plenty of seating for adults and fun entertainment for children. It is a great place for kids birthday parties, mommy play dates, or for families to just come and have fun! If you are looking for fun activities for kids in Utah, come to Coconut Cove!

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