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If you’ve been to Coconut Cove, you know that socks are a big deal to us. Nobody goes on the playground without socks on.

Why do we find these fuzzy foot friends so fabulous?

Here are 4 reasons to keep your kids in socks:

1. Prevent bacteria spread. 

The biggest reason we require socks at Coconut cove is because they prevent bacteria spread. Since each of your feet has about 150,000 sweat glands, they’re basically bacteria sponges. Going to any public place barefoot is dangerous, since public places often have fungi spores and staph bacteria living on their floors. Socks create a barrier between bacteria and your foot, which is especially susceptible to bacteria absorption if it has cuts or blisters, which leads us to reason 2 to wear socks.

2. Prevent blisters, cuts, and cracking. 

Ladies, those gladiator sandals are adorable–but having dry, cracked heels isn’t. Socks regulate your feet’s moisture and temperature, which helps keep your skin healthy.

3. Take pressure off your joints. 

Socks, specifically padded socks, give your feet extra support and take pressure off the bones in the balls and heels of your feet. This can help with joint pain and help prevent lower back and knee injuries.

4. Lego insurance.

If you live in a house that contains Lego blocks, Barbie accessories, or other small toys, you have two options: live in perpetual fear of Lego-induced foot mutilation, or wear socks. Socks, like guardian angels, are at once protective and full of warm, fuzzy feelings.

Wearing socks isn’t just a fashion statement, it’s a life hack. So to those who would complain about this rule, we politely ask you to put a sock in it.



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