After eight months of quarantine for most of us Utahns, you and your kids are probably looking around for some creative things to do this winter. Naturally, you want to keep kids actively playing all year round. But getting that exercise during the pandemic can be hard, especially during winter. So, we’ve put together a list for you of seven fun, safe activities for kids to keep you busy during Coronavirus in Utah:

1. Be safe and active by setting up an indoor obstacle course.

We all remember how awesome pillow forts were as kids! Here’s a creative twist: take pillow forts to the next level by making an indoor, multiroom obstacle course. Plus, they get bonus exercise points if you make them put everything away at the end!

2. For a low-cost safe activity for kids, throw a dance party!

Dancing is great exercise! Not to mention, this one is easy to set up. All you need to throw your own dance party is music, a speaker, an open space, and maybe a few glowsticks to spice things up. In addition, your kids will love checking out your fresh dance moves.

3. Throw back to your childhood activities by taking hopscotch up a notch.

Your kids might be a little over the simple 10-space version of hopscotch, but with a little imagination and a whole lot of chalk, you can turn it into a new game. For instance, you can make the course fill up your whole driveway, add twists and turns, use paper planes instead of rocks, or make certain squares require cartwheeling, jumping jacks, or handstands to bring this game into the 21st century.

4. For a safe outdoor activity for kids, don’t wait for snow to sled!

WikiHow has a full article on how you can sled year-round, no snow required. Hopefully, with winter just around the corner, you’ll be able to break out the toboggan on some fresh powder. But until the season’s fully here, there’s no need to wait to polish the runners!

5. Guide your own wildlife tour for a learning activity kids will love.

Utah has a number of wild edible plants. With a little practice and an online guide, you can identify some yourself. Additionally, the app PictureThis and a number of Utah-based plant Facebook groups can help you confirm that plants are what you think you are. But alwasy make sure you know for sure what something is if you’re going to eat it!

6. Put together a treasure hunt.

Whether you put gold coins or a bag of Fruttis at the end, kids will love chasing clues you’ve planted to find your treasure. Plus, you don’t have to start from scratch. Fortunately, there are plenty of websites that will help you come up with creative clues.

7. Anytime you’re looking for safe activities for kids, Coconut Cove is here for you!

Our Vineyard and Centerville locations are still open during the pandemic with limited capacity and increased cleaning. We guarantee Coconut Cove is safer than other playgrounds. If you want to reserve a spot, you can make a reservation online. Also, remember to bring socks and masks for an activity that’s sure to be health-promoting and fun.

We hope this article inspired you to come up with some of your own fun, safe activities for kids. Above all, stay safe this winter, and we hope to see you soon!